laser cutting screens


Looking to update or enhance your décor?

Consider getting laser-cut screens.

These fresh decorative products, which are created with the help of cutting-edge software and state-of-the-art metal laser cutting services and technology, can help turn any room or area of your home into something truly astounding and wonderful. Of course your other décor and accessories also matter, but there’s no denying that these laser-cut decorative screens can significantly contribute to the visual appeal of a space.

The advanced technology in laser cutting Sydney machinery allows for unique patterns, precise cuts, clean lines, and intricate details in every laser-cut decorative screen. In addition to that, the laser cutter can easily work with an array of materials, enabling for endless design possibilities.

So let’s have a look at the best laser-cut decorative screen styles that are trending all over the world.

  1. Botanical

Botanical themes are among the best popular interior design styles out there. With arbor- and floral-themed patterns in gushing designs, botanical-style laser-cut screens are absolutely a treat for the eyes. Whether you place one in the living room, outdoor dining area, courtyard, or pool area – this style won’t disappoint.

2.   Geometric

laser cut screens

It’s a common theme in modern home décor to feature geometric shapes and patterns, because both features work really well with the design’s other elements. The same concept also applies to geometric laser cut metal screens, but designers also usually incorporate mid-century modern themes, cascading designs, and arbitrary placements to let the style’s identity flourish. If your interior design is modern, a geometric screen design will fit like a glove in your home.

3.   Classic

In the interior design world, classic themes are considered as timeless designs with sophistication, restraint, and appeal to antiquity. The same awesome attributes also apply to classical laser-cut screens, but usually with the added bonus of elegant patterns and repeating designs. With all of its mesmerising qualities, this decorative screen style can be placed as wall hangings or room dividers in almost any interior and exterior space of your home.