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Want to keep your home up-to-date this 2019? Consider starting with your floors. With such a large range of flooring styles to choose from and to ensure that your home is contemporary designed with the hottest flooring trends for 2019, here’s a list of this year’s best flooring ideas.

Carpets for a Cosy Living Room and Bedroom

Flooring trends of 2019

Hard surface flooring options were extremely popular last year, but carpet choices are the ones projected to be huge this 2019. Whether it’s for the living room or bedroom, a carpet Canberra’s ability to provide warmth and comfort is considered valuable and convenient in such spaces. Carpets come in a wide variety of interesting colours, patterns and designs, so be sure to select the right one that fits your vision.

Oak Flooring Offers the Versatility Your Home May Need

Oak is on the rise as a flooring option here in Australia, but its popularity in the United States is currently massive. In fact, several oak species currently account for a majority of hardwood floors sold in America. The styling versatility, wide availability, and affordability of oak floors are regarded as the main reasons why it’s going to be trending this year. So if you’ve been longing to get timber flooring for your home but you’re waiting for a reason before you do, now’s the perfect time for you.

Reclaimed Wood Lets You Help the Environment in Style

The timeless beauty that traditional wood floors possess makes them an easy and popular option amongst today’s homeowners, but there’s a specific type of wood flooring that’s expected to trend this 2019 and beyond – reclaimed wood. This innovative wood floor gives you the option to beautify your space in an environmentally friendly way. So if you’re interested in elevating your space and helping save our planet at the same time, look no further than reclaimed wood.

Wood-Look Tiles for an Elegant-Looking Bathroom

Currently one of the biggest trends in tile flooring is tile that shares the same appearance as wood. Not only do these wood-look tiles look insanely elegant and realistic, but they also come in many different colours and styles, allowing for endless possibilities with regards to design. This floor type, despite resembling wood, still functions like a normal tile would, therefore it’s the perfect addition for your bathroom.

Rapid-Lock Vinyl Floors for Reliability and Affordability

Vinyl Flooring trends of 2019

Rapid-lock vinyl flooring is a style that imitates the looks of hardwood floor planks. The difference, however, is that this style is much more affordable, requires lesser maintenance, and offers enhanced water and stain-proof features, making it great for kitchens and bathrooms. Over the past few years rapid-lock vinyl floor has been a fairly popular option among homeowners due to its cool aesthetics and awesome benefits, and it’s expected to carry on this 2019.