Eco friendly


Our planet is a precious place that offers everything we humans need in order to survive. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the food we eat – it’s essentially a one-stop shop for our survival. Because of how important our planet is to every living being, it’s our duty as Earth’s most rational and intelligent occupants to take care of it in any way we can. That is why, as much as possible, we should try to achieve sustainability in various areas in our lives, including home development.

Sustainable home improvement is becoming a trend as more people are starting to realize the importance of caring for our environment. Other than that, going for an eco-friendly renovation is not only beneficial for our environment, because it also has added benefits to your home that make it a worthy investment. You can ask Wollongong engineering consultants about this if you’re sceptical.

If you’re interested in going green, saving money and adding value to your home all at the same time, here are a few eco-friendly home renovation ideas for you bought to you by engineering consultants:

Green Windows

Natural lighting has the ability to make any space feel more open and spacious. It can even bring a sense of vitality and freshness for us to enjoy. Windows are primarily responsible for bringing in natural light into interiors. However, older windows don’t carry with them the same benefits that green windows do, therefore upgrading and going green with your windows is the best option if you want to enjoy improved energy efficiency and enhanced security along with your abundance of natural lighting.

Eco-Friendly Paint

Eco Friendly Paint

Who would’ve thought that this seemingly toxic home improvement material has an eco-friendly alternative? Nowadays, VOC-free and low-VOC paint products are the popular option among individuals who are sick and tired of traditional paint’s dangers. For the uninitiated, VOC are harmful chemical compounds in regular paint that release gasses that are extremely harmful to both humans and the environment. By painting the walls of your home with no- or low-VOC paints, you will be doing a huge favour to your family and the planet.

  1. Green Roofing

While traditional roofs do a solid job defending us against heat, rain, wind, and other elements, green roofs do everything equally well and are better for our environment. Green roofs are roofing systems covered with plants. They provide an array of awesome environmental benefits that include, but are not limited to, absorbing excess rainwater during downpours, converting greenhouse emissions into oxygen, absorbing excess heat in the summer, and providing insulation during cold days.

  • Eco-Friendly Flooring

Although wooden floors in general are an environmentally friendly option for flooring, the fact that trees need to be cut down just to produce them kind of offsets their positive impact on our planet. Reclaimed wooden floors are essentially recycled materials from old or existing structures that no longer need them anymore, which means that replacing your current floors with reclaimed wood is an excellent way to provide a solid flooring option for your family and make your remodelling project eco-friendly.

  • Recycled Kitchen Essentials

Similar to the concept of reclaimed wooden floors, recycled kitchen essentials like countertops and cabinets are an eco-friendly and stylish addition to kitchens. Some manufacturers convert waste products like wood, concrete and glass into durable, functional home items that have a beautiful contemporary look. So if you’re looking to include the kitchen in your home renovation project, replacing your existing countertops and cabinets with these is a great way to make it eco-friendly, without sacrificing quality and appearance.