Decorative Mirrors

Decorative Mirrors

Adding something simple as adding decorative mirrors to the rooms in your home can help significantly with your interior decorating efforts?

Mirrors are not only a practical household item that we use to help us fix our hair, remove foreign elements on our face, or to simply just stare back at the lovely person in the room – but mirrors also play a significant role in home design since they can add some brightness and airy feel to a gloomy corner, accentuate a furniture piece, utilise an empty wall, and make a tiny space seem bigger.

There are currently plenty of mirror styles that are commonly used for homes, so it can sometimes be difficult to determine which one is best suited for your home.

To help you with that matter, we’re sharing to you a list of some of the most popular mirror styles for today’s homes and discuss the details that make them great for home décor. So let’s start, shall we?

  1. Round Mirrors
Round Mirror, Interior Design Trends

Rounded mirrors, such as round bathroom mirrors, bring a certain level of straightforwardness that allows them to capture anyone’s attention in a whim. From their smooth outlines to their uncomplicated silhouettes, round mirrors can enhance the aesthetic look of any room in your home. The simple yet striking charm that rounded mirrors have make them ideal to be styled with cool accents. But if you’re looking to play around with the designs, you can begin by experimenting with colourful and textured pieces.

  1. Antique Mirrors

With its power to add authenticity and character to a space, antique mirrors are a wonderful piece to add to almost any room. Mirrors sporting an antique style typically comes with distressed patches, ornate frames, and dark edges – each of which enables antique mirrors to serve as a meaningful statement piece. The brilliant details that this mirror style has makes it easy to mix into various design styles for an eclectic look. You can easily style antique mirrors by putting them up as the focal point of the room or by flanking them with a pair of sconces.

  • Sunburst Mirrors
Sunburst Mirrors, Interior decorating trends

Characterised by radial spokes that extend from the centre of the design and traditionally gilded in silver or gold, sunburst mirrors carry with them a certain type of charm and sophistication that allows them to function as a mirror and a piece of wall art at the same time. Because of their striking appearance, sunburst mirrors are considered as the ultimate focal point for a bedroom, a hallway, or a living space. You can style your sunburst mirror by understating any nearby accessories around it, allowing the style to attract immediate attention.

  1. Contemporary Mirrors

Known for its interesting contours, neat appearance, and use of modern materials, contemporary mirror styles can add a modern and fancy look to a room. They are also available in a wide range of styles, including Scandinavian and art deco, enabling homeowners to have nearly unlimited opportunities for their décor. With all of the brilliant attributes that contemporary mirrors have, they are best utilized to update traditional spaces like living rooms and entryways.