Colour trends


2018 may be over, but it’s always worth looking back at some of the biggest colour trends that graced countless of interiors in the previous year.

Besides, them being a 2018 colour trend doesn’t mean that they won’t transition well into 2019.  Trends take so long to come to fruition as home renovations happen colours can also stand the test of

So here are seven of the coolest colour trends this 2018:

  1. Ocean Blue

Arguably one of the calmest colour trends out there, this jewel-toned blue can make you feel very relaxed in your own home and give you the impression that you’re in an island getaway, even if you’re right in the middle of the suburbs. Paint the walls with ocean blue and you’re all set to go. Or, you can buy ocean blue-coloured rugs, sofas, or pillow coverings.

2.  Beige

Beige is a neutral colour with just the right amount of warmth and calmness in it. With all of its nice attributes, this colour can transform any space into something truly relaxing, given that it is employed on every available surface – from the walls to the trim.

3.  Stone White

The colour white has a certain coolness and pureness to it, but not all of its variants are suitable for everyone’s taste. However, with stone white as your interior’s colour scheme, you will add a little more warmth in your space and make it feel more inviting, minus the starkness usually found in other versions of the same colour.

4.  Deep Turquoise

This year, it has become a trend for bedrooms and living rooms to have moodier tones like deep turquoise. While turquoise itself is a colour known for its cool and calming properties, its slightly darker version has a certain level of charm to it that the original doesn’t have. For a Moroccan-inspired interior, add greenery, patterned pillows, and a colourful rug (an affordable option is to purchase rugs online

5.  Ultra Violet

This bold and beautiful colour can be best described as dramatically thoughtful and provocative. It has also been the symbol of artistic brilliance for a long time now. In the world of design, including in the realm of mobile and web app development, vibrant violets have become one of the hottest colours in 2018. And if applied in several elements in a home’s interior, such as the rug or carpet, the colour ultra violet will absolutely slay.

6.  Emerald

Emerald on the walls as a colour trend

The rich and cool green tone of emerald makes it feel very modern, despite its timeless beauty as a colour. Emerald also encourages peace, balance, and reflection, rendering it a wonderful colour scheme for interiors. With its one-of-a-kind combination of timelessness and modern charm, emerald became one of the best colour trends in 2018.

7.  Marigold

Even before the year began, several expert designers predicted that this mustard yellow would become huge in 2018. Guess what? They were right! Marigold is successful as a colour because its ability to fill every space with joy and happiness, and also because it has a nice retro 70s vibe.