best entrance doors


You don’t realise how important a simple element such as a front door can transform a homes exterior.  Also keep in mind that a front door gives everyone a hint of what to expect beyond it.

Doors not only add style and bring character to the entrance of your home, they also provide privacy and security for all of its occupants.

The style of your locks also should be considered, this could be a whole separate article.  Wollongong Locksmith, Above all Locksmiths advised that please be mindful not all locks are the same and to make sure the locks you install have been manufactured to comply with the requirements of the Australian door lock standard AS4145.

Anyway, let’s take a look at three brilliant modern designs for front doors, which we hope will give you an idea or inspiration for your own project.

  1. The Delicate Touch of Glass

Door designs that incorporate traditional, textured or artistic glass panels and patterns are starting to become popular as of late, especially with the emergence of glass shatter-proofing technology. While some versions of glass door designs sacrifice privacy for lighting, there are new variants like mirrored glass that can provide more style, privacy, and natural lighting. Anyway, even with their potential privacy and security risks, there’s no denying that a glass front door can add an unparalleled level of charm and style to the entrance of your house.

2.  The Minimalistic Design

Since the early 1900s, minimal designs have been a concurrent element in the realm of styling. It even makes a couple of appearances every now and then in today’s ever-evolving contemporary design projects. The best way to apply this concept in current design themes is with the use of pivot and flush doors, each of which provides a nice and smooth look to the front of your home through its utilisation of clean, simple lines.

3.  The Vibrant Colours of Life

Beautiful front doors

Front doors with strong, bright colours are more likely to catch the attention of a person than any other door design, especially if its colour vastly contrasts the overall tone of your house. Aside from that, they also provide a fresh look to the frontline of your home. But if you’re going to use vibrant colours for your front door, be sure to match its colour with other elements around the door frame to keep this design from failing and to put together a balanced colour scheme.