2019 kitchen trends


Despite what marketers will lead you to believe Glass Splashbacks are still a popular choice in 2019.
Colour has been making a big comeback in kitchen designs and a glass splashback
can brighten and be the centrepiece of any kitchen renovation or build.

There are however many materials to choose from, each of which has its own astonishing characteristics that make it better suited for the specific needs and tastes of a particular individual.

There are various factors, such as durability, design choices, and cost, which may affect your decision-making process when choosing the right type of glass splashback for your kitchen. Thanks to Shanes Glass we have compiled the different types of glass kitchen splashbacks in this short guide – which also details the three factors for almost every item, all arranged for your benefit.

  1. Toughened Safety Glass
Toughened Safety Glass - Glass Splashbacks

If the world’s best glass splashbacks held a surprise popularity contest the toughened safety glass splashback without a doubt would win hands down. This glass splashback variant is very popular among today’s homeowners because of several reasons:

  • Remarkable toughness, easy to clean

It’s not called toughened safety glass for nothing. In kitchens, glass splashbacks must be durable enough to withstand the constant barrage of heat from cooktops, which is why they need to be toughened. It’s also very easy to clean.

  • Nearly unlimited color and print options

From solid-coloured toughened glass to custom-designed toughened glass, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the appearance of this glass splashback type. If you’re opting for the solid-coloured option, you can select virtually any color for your glass splashback, making it very easy for you to match your kitchen décor’s current scheme.

  • Comes in a range of prices per square metre

The cost for toughened safety glass splashbacks ranges from $200 to $1000 per square metre. This allows all homeowners o afford having this kind of glass splashback installed in their kitchen. There’s also an additional fee for all cut-outs that are required.

2. Starfire Glass

Starfire glass is both a low iron and lead-free glass splashback that has a few attributes that some homeowners are not a fan of, but also has some notable qualities that are good for interior decorating.

  • Great for colour matching

Starfire glass eliminates the natural greenish tint that most glass splashbacks have, allowing it to accurately match the colours of light, warmer colours. If your kitchen’s colour scheme is like that, Starfire glass splashbacks are a good choice for you.

  • Easy to maintain

Similar to toughened safety glass, a Starfire glass splashback is also very easy to clean and maintain.

  • Endless design opportunities with digital printing

Due to the materials it is made of, glass companies recommend Starfire glass to homeowners who want to have their glass backsplashes custom designed and digitally printed. Because of this, you can customize your kitchen backsplash to almost any design, and to achieve the closest colour match to your existing paint.

3. Mirrored Glass

Mirrored Glass, Glass Splashbacks

Mirrored glass splashbacks are also really popular, but not as popular as its toughened safety glass counterpart. Here are the factors that help make mirrored glass highly favoured by many homeowners:

  • Good toughness, heat resistant

While mirrored glass is not as popular as toughened safety glass, they are somewhat identical to one another. The former is a safety glass treated in a way similar to the latter, which means that mirrored glass splashbacks are also great (and safe) to install behind your kitchen’s cooktop. Oh, it’s also resistant to heat.

  • Fashionable, reflects light & comes in various colors

If the existing décor in your kitchen is all about creating an open space for everyone who sets foot in it, then you’ll love the capability of mirrored glass splashbacks to do just about that, as it can bounce reflections and light around your kitchen – helping it create the illusion of a bigger room. When it comes to your color options, smoky, silver and bronze are among the many choices you have.

  • Price per square metre is right in the middle

Mirrored glass splashbacks cost about $400 per square metre. Sometimes, the installation is included in the price, but it primarily depends on your supplier. There’s also an approximate cut-out fee of $40.