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Express Your Self: Special & Edgy Fireplace Decor

Coming into the homestretch of winter, if you’re lucky sufficient to have a fireplace in your property, I hope you are enjoying it. Fireplaces are a significant benefit to any property, the two functionally (specifically in the cold weather) and aesthetically. They offer a prominent visual feature, balance, and symmetry to a space. But if you are struggling with realizing what to do with your fireplace décor to make it distinctive and non-bland, you are not alone! Read More

Stylish Bathroom Decor

Renovating the bathroom can be a time-consuming and costly affair, so make certain that you are going to really like the finished consequence, by planning each detail prior to you commit to any a single décor scheme. Research pictures of bathrooms, bathroom blogs and even trail around bathroom showrooms to obtain a very good understanding of specifically what is obtainable on the market place and how significantly of it falls within your budget. Read More

Dramatically Enhancing Your Room: Stikwood Wood Wall Decor

stikwood peel stick wood 8839 Dramatically Improving Your Space: Stikwood Wood Wall DecorPlan. Peel. Stick. In 3 straightforward phrases, this is Stikwood &#8211 precisely what can make for a entertaining DIY undertaking, with the ability to generate the illusion of customised trim woodwork, for a fraction of the value and time. The Sacramento, CA based mostly organization (obtaining the identical title as the item) rides the wave of new trends with a peel-and-stick product that shoves away with intricate and hard to use setups. Stikwood&#8217s thin, reliable-wood planks can be utilized to clean, dry walls for backdrops that selection from rustic to modern day designs. In a nutshell, one/8 inch thick wooden planks that can be affixed to a clean, sanded surface with adhesive strips that are factory-mounted on their flip sides. Bonus points come for the reclaiming and recycling of wood, VOC totally free &#8211 best selection for people with sensitivities to scents and US origin.
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