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Dreamy Bedroom Suggestions

Three dreamy bedroom ideas coming from fenton &amp fenton featuring their new bedding line. What can I say, mesmerized in excess of here. The things, the styling.. *sigh* Styling – Julia Green &amp fenton&ampfenton and photography by Armelle Habib Read More

Home Redesign – Bedroom – The Plan

Morning loves!  So right now I&#8217ve put together the last prepare and furniture boards for the master bedroom redesign.  As it&#8217s just a rental I couldn&#8217t do as considerably as I wished to but am rather pleased with the outcome.  As is my &#8216client&#8217, ha.  I&#8217ll go through every aspect in flip, or just skip to the bottom for the great things. Read More

Home Redesign – Bedroom – The Inspo

I&#8217ve posted a tad err haphazardly about the redesign of our area just before, but I&#8217m thinking I&#8217ll go via the method in a somewhat significantly less crazy-lady manner, from inspo and &#8216before&#8217 pics all the way via to the &#8216afters&#8217.  Let&#8217s start off off nowadays with the master bedroom. Read More