Willow Love Story By Dinah Body For LOVERAMICS

Willow Love Story collection by Dinah Body for LOVERAMICS

Right now I wished to feature another assortment that I found thanks to House London. Willow Love Story is a brilliant tableware collection designed by Dinah Physique for LOVERAMICS. Taking inspiration from the 200 12 months previous willow pattern that depicts a romantic fable, Body provides it a modern day interpretation to generate a new assortment that is the 2 modern and fresh.

The original willow pattern was initial launched in the late 18th century when Chinese tableware grew to become popular in Europe. In excess of the many years, several designers worked with this pattern that depicted the great tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers. According to the story, a wealthy Mandarin’s daughter falls for her father’s accounting assistant but the pair are not able to be with each other as they come from diverse social classes. In an attempt to preserve the couple apart, the Mandarin fired the assistant and constructed the fence to separate them. In the meantime, a effective Duke arrives with a chest of jewels and wishes to marry the woman. In an try to quit the marriage the young accounting assistant sneaked into the Mandarin’s palace on the eve of the wedding, stole the jewels and escaped with the girl in the Duke’s boat. On discovering this, the Duke ordered the 2 to be place to death. Nonetheless, moved by their plight, the Gods transformed the lovers into a pair of doves so that they could be together for eternity.

Willow Love Story Salad Plates by Dinah Body for LOVERAMICS

I not only like the story but I’m genuinely keen on Body’s interpretation of it. What do you guys believe? Are you supporters of this collection also?

Willow Love Story Salad Plates by Dinah Body for LOVERAMICS

Willow Love Story Side Plates by Dinah Body for LOVERAMICS