Urban Wraps: Community Scarfs Make Video Clips Wearable

Urban Wraps: Neighborhood Scarfs Make Movies Wearable

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Reduce. Print it. That’s a wrap. One part (or scene) at a time, these designers are turning regions of Brooklyn into stylish merchandise that abstract the movement and colors of a place, converting them into a physical scarf.

neighborhood scarf design dumbo

nice city urban scarf

1st they film a given neighborhood next they stretch out and method the outcomes lastly they print it out along the length of the scarf. So far they have 5 to promote but hopefully a lot more to come.

wearable city apparel design

The Brooklyn Block “are a passionate bunch with back ground in interaction, architecture and urban design” whose “goal is to create remarkably thoughtful and exploratory items.”

neighborhood printed scarf 1

neighbordhood printed scarf 2

neighborhood printed scarf 3

One could accuse them of currently being a bit gimmicky, but a handful of short rebuttals for would-be critics: very first, on the aesthetic side, the scarfs are quite eye-catching, and second, on the conceptual side, there is anything to be explained for the patterns and colours of a spot, no matter whether the recollections they conjure are consciously or subconsciously acknowledged. Ultimately, “The Brooklyn Block offers merchandise that tell stories” – if practically nothing else, these are neat conversation pieces for individuals curious about their origins.