Underwater Maternity Shoot

We haven’t featured a maternity session in ages, but when I came across this submission, I just new I had to share it! The talented Ilse Moore was accountable for Natalie’s lovilee underwater maternity shoot. She creatively entitled the shoot ‘Do you truly feel what I come to feel’.

‘As a fellow lover of the ethereal and surreal underwater world, Natalie embraced the quietness of the water and permitted herself to get lost in surroundings so closely resembling the surroundings of her unborn little one. With that in thoughts we went with a lovely, but moody and surreal come to feel. We were hoping for some thing that may well describe a metaphorical knowing between Natalie and her unborn daughter, an ethereal water cocoon perhaps…

Viewing Natalie move gradually and gracefully below the water was not only amazing to witness, but I was enthusiastic by her peaceful, goddess-like expressions. I have always loved undertaking maternity shoots, there is a stunning tenderness and warmth that surrounds the mom that is tough to describe… This was just like it.’ – Ilse Moore

Other Lovilees involved in the shoot:
Make-up: Ophelia Paisley Make Up Artistry | Lighting Assistant: Sean Moore