Undertaking 6.three And A Number Of New Year Res-oes

It’s Done loves, Done!  I can’t really feel it.  I’ve been doing work in the direction of this moment for a long time and now that it’s accomplished and dusted (as well as my last residential project), to be sincere I truly feel a smidgey overwhelmed.  [Cue soppy bit] My husband and my household and my ideal buddies have been so supportive and fantastic and usually the bee’s knees, and I am extremely very veeeery grateful.  It’s been a lot of perform but I’ve loved every second of the program, and would advise KLC College of Layout (London) 200% to any person thinking about commencing out in design.  Leave me a comment at the bottom if you have any inquiries about it, y’all.

I had a long break in the middle of the course (like err 2 many years lengthy), when I was undertaking a bunch of other items for the future biz: designing and arranging our wedding ceremony, moving continents as soon as and nations twice, and working on my very first consumer in Honkers, between others.  But now that it’s done I am actually chomping at the bit to begin working once again.  There’s the little matter of waiting for my final grade (eeks) and professional qualification to come through, and then applying for permission to work in this ‘ere fine country, but I have a ton to keep me occupied in the meantime.

Anyhoo so here it is, my ultimate piece of coursework.  I got excellent grades for my last undertaking so have set massively overly higher expectations for myself for this one, but we shall see…  It’s the front of house scheme for a central riverside hotel in London – a mix of old and new, a classic previous-college English study vibe paired with the vibrancy of my amazing ‘home’ city.

So first up is the last concept board I ever have to do – these factors are like torture for my brain (buggerama, didn’t spot that folded corner):

Elly MacDonald Design - project 6.3 1

The samplies – I went slightly overboard with the tufted velvet upholstery (delish!) and check out all that yummy brass and leather:

Elly MacDonald Design - project 6.3 2 Elly MacDonald Design - project 6.3 3

The rendered technicals:

Elly MacDonald Design - project 6.3 4

Which includes a pair of viewpoint drawings that for when I am not 100% ashamed of…only thirty% ha:

Elly MacDonald Design - project 6.3 5

And lastly the plain technicals and a single blooming tremendous lighting strategy:

Elly MacDonald Design - project 6.3 6
credits: Elly MacDonald Layout

Donezo!  I also submitted 3 substantial notebooks thingies but they’re kinda boring, no fairly pics for the website.

And as for the new year resoes, well I’m a little late but I feel they even now want to be done. I only stored one particular out of 3 final yr but what’s a new 12 months without a little self-loathing and disappointment…?

one. Elly MacDonald Design and style

new year resolutions1_edited-1

Setting up the biz, and turning out to be established in SG is obviously the priority – I am really extremely enthusiastic about spreading some ikat, ethnic goodies and colour about this minor country.  It’s going to be a great deal of operate, especially to begin with, but I can’t wait to create something for myself again.

2. Bloggy website

new year resolutions2_edited-1
credit score

All of the possibilities I’ve had to date have come about by means of this tiny corner of the world wide web, and I’m quite grateful for all it’s given me.  Thank you for joining and supporting me in this slightly crazy venture of mine.  But I’ve been letting le website slide lately, with other increased priorities, and it’s not actually cutting the mustard these days.

What would you lovelies like to see a lot more of?  Less of?

3. Discover our new nation

new year resolutions3_edited-1
credit score

We’re completely in really like with this nation.  Seriously.  People usually bang on about how uninteresting and sterile Singapore is, just total of shopping malls and clean chewing gum-free streets, but there is so so a lot more to the spot than that.  If you walk in one path from our house you get into a genuinely Chinese-y area with stinky dried foodstuffs like in HK, tiny shrines all over the place complete of incense and offerings of pineapples and packets of biscuits, tanks full of frogs on the street outside restaurants waiting to be eaten, and a million weird karaoke bars with middle aged Chinese men crooning along to Celine Dion within (amazing!).  And in the other direction it’s a quite Malaysian and Indonesian location in which all the women wear these beautiful colourful headscarves, the air is usually total of the calls to prayer and you can get a killer rendang curry.  We just love it.

So we’ve been carrying out some exploring but there’s even now a whole lot much more to see oh yes there is.

4. Focus on positivity

new year resolution4_edited-1

I’ve just lately (and really unfairly) been put in a fairly nasty scenario by somebody, and abruptly feel like I’m about 13 many years old again.  Not going to examine it right here obvs as I am not 13 years previous, but it’s reminded me how important it is to surround oneself with optimistic and great individuals.  The planet would be a significantly much better spot if everyone enhanced their kindness output a smidgeroo.

5. More stretching

new year resolutions5
credit score

I’ve also been letting my yoga practice slide, paying as well much time drawing friggin’ lighting strategies and not sufficient time working out.  Also I ate too several pies above Christmas.   Literally ha, in fact all of the pies in London.  I won’t go on about it as it sounds like this kind of a cliché I know (oh daaarling, you need to attempt some vinyasa it’s merely faaabulous) but it mentally and physically resets me and I am a considerably much far better man or woman with typical yoga courses in my life.

Whew extended post!  So there we have it, what say you…?  What are your resolutions for 2014?