Topographic Interiors: Pair Of Stacked Plywood Storefronts

Topographic Interiors: Pair of Stacked Plywood Storefronts

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wood storefront

This set of 2 spaces in Osaka, an information hub and public cafe, every employs layers of horizontal wooden sheets that stack up vertically to kind seating, shelves, standing desks and operate surfaces.

wood plywood design japan

Japanese architect Kengo Kuma worked with their client, a regional restaurant guide requiring a physical presence in a room open to the public, to form the 2 vital elements and opportunities for sudden interactions.

wood interior custom space

wood layered ply seating

Alternating layers of recessed and black-edged boards produce a heightened contrast with their bright, naturally wood-colored counterparts sticking more out from the walls.

wood layered desk shelves

wood separated storefront japan

Both rooms are set in the bottom of the exact same construction but are separated by outside area, so their typical (and unusual) materials language aids them connect across the void.

wood layered exterior view

wood custom casework system

By employing light colors and through brilliant illumination, men and women passing among the rooms are meant to uncover them surprising, distracting and engaging. The composition was produced, in element, to draw in pedestrians on their way by means of the central passage that bisects the spaces, a visual ‘hook’ for active commuters in the bustling city.