The Ultimate Kitchen Wall & Acquiring Our Lounge Back

With the kitchen so close to becoming finished, there is one wall acting as a stark reminder of when the downstairs resembled Mars only a matter of weeks in the past: these bricks depart a great deal of red dust allow me tell you!

When our extension was built at the back of the house, it covered the total width of our residence, meaning that we added area to the back of our previous kitchen, but also behind the lounge. As there was an massive window in the lounge’s back wall which was cracked from cold Winters more than numerous many years, rather than change it with double glazing, we just waited out for the extension realizing that one day it would be dealt with somehow when the time came. (That day came and went as you can go through right here. Bye window!)

So where are we at nowadays? The wall to separate the lounge and the kitchen is up.

This new spot of the extension is exactly where we are going to dine (how posh! Certainly I imply scoff our grub, pure Northerner at heart!). Of program, we really don’;t have the table yet, but that’s coming…
The prepare was to preserve this area lovely and open but with a sliding door or concertina door Some thing that gave us the alternative to have open strategy, but near again when we didn’t want the smell/noise/distraction of cooking drifting into the lounge.

Apparently building rules have transformed in the last handful of months (common!) requiring that the place we eliminated the window, we now want an further few metres really worth of brickwork in buy to support the residence. Now, let me tell you, it is not necessary. Our builder was furious because naturally we’d just ripped out a wall! Now we’re only just going to have enough area for a door (smaller sized than the prior window may I add).

It is frustrating simply because we really do not require it, it is making far more construction perform than we wanted, and it’s just another delay in the total venture. Saying that, I really do not want to dwell on it also a lot. The fact stays, to get the total extension officially signed off, we require to do as we’re advised, and if the wall requirements to be wider, then so be it! If we genuinely dislike it, we’ll try out yet again in a number of many years to open it up, but I’m hoping this is the last bit of major development we do for a whilst if I’m really truthful. I Dislike DUSTING.

So, the wall has commenced to be constructed with the bricks leftover from development. Waste not, want not, am I right? It’s only been a few weeks given that we had any wall-operate as recently it’s all been about the units. But OH MY GOD It is SO DUSTY! It is so thick. You truly feel dry as quickly as you walk in the property. I’m going by way of hand moisturiser as if I had shares in it.

But so to the pictures. Within 1 week in this quite dreary February, the wall has been constructed, boarded and plastered. For anybody who follows me on Instagram most likely saw progress of the brickwork!

You can see Joe lounging in the background on these pictures. HEY JOEY!

At this level, it’s such an apt reflection of the house since we purchased it. You can see, from the stage of view of the kitchen all of the beautiful residence comorts perring by means of in the lounge, just waiting for the bricking to be finished so they can be put on display. My pretty dresser via there, and piles of cushions and throws in the background. And then smack bang in the middle is our mini development site…

It’s a huge contrast is not it?

kitchen wall 01

kitchen wall 02 kitchen wall 03 kitchen wall 04 kitchen wall 05 kitchen wall 06

By mid-week it currently looked a million occasions neater. We received a far better thought of the dimension of the door and yes, it is not huge, but at least it is almost completed. You can also see a sneaky peek at our brand new doors for downstairs. I believe they are  BEAUT.

kitchen wall 01 kitchen wall 02 kitchen wall 03 kitchen wall 04

And right here we are! It’s completely plastered now and we’re just waiting for it to dry to get a base coat of paint on there. It is just a door really when you go back to fundamentals, but it is also the last bit of ‘dirty work’ in this project which we’ve been working on since final Summertime.

It can make the area a ‘room’ once again and not just the extra on bit at the finish of the property. With the lounge ultimately set apart yet again we can truly start off to use that area, and not just use it as storage, which actually is all it is been because prior to the Winter: a storage room.

From hereon, it’s all about the decorating and not about the constructing, so to me, that tends to make this 1 of the most fascinating parts of the project. We just need to have to get rid of that whopping pile of tools…

kitchen 02

kitchen wall 01 kitchen wall 03