The Day We Filmed For Channel 5

When I started this weblog, I did so with the intention of retaining a diary of our property renovation journey, and conserving some recollections for when it is all completed alongside obtaining a jolly good natter about home interior suggestions that I liked the search of, so to stay away from uninteresting all of my buddies and family members half to death with it all.

At no point did I expect to end up on Television as a result of this. So you can imagine my surprise when a female known as Jane from a manufacturing firm received in touch telling me that our story would be ideal for a new demonstrate about DIY, to later on be aired on Channel 5.

Properly, if I was looking for some type of ‘souvenir’ for our home makeover, then we genuinely acquired a single didn’t we?

I have to admit, I was hesitant at initial. I truly really don’;t like becoming the centre of interest at the greatest of occasions, and the believed of getting on camera was a bit of a terrifying a single, but Joe and I had been just as well curious to flip it down.

It did also dawn on me that we would have no ultimate say in how we had been presented. The crew have been so super-duper wonderful and friendly so I’m not hugely anxious, but not having that sort of management produced me nervous. I would dislike for there to be any negativity around our house, specifically after the tremendous volume of challenging function Joe has put into all the DIY – some thing I’m so proud of him for.

But, that is a chance we place to one particular side, and agreed to get part.

They desired to speak to us about a combine of factors truly, and it was meant to be a realistic look at DIY: why we’ve personally accomplished DIY, how we feel about our tasks, disasters along the way, how it’s affected us as a couple: a bit of every little thing. Fortunately, Joe and I usually have a actually good sense of humour about the reality that we are mostly residing in a bit of a tip, and Joe was keen to show off the wonderful tasks he has managed to accomplish in our home.

The crew came over, set up their cameras, gave us our microphones (I know, posh proper?) and off we went about filming.

channel 5 diy

Properly, it was weird. I must say, I don’t embarrass simple, but oh my gosh, I couldn’t end giggling during the day in disbelief at getting a camera crew in our little outdated house. Joe was in his element, and I believe he genuinely enjoyed becoming filmed with his greatest mate, the sledgehammer. I believe he imagines he will be edited into slow-motion with beads of sweat dripping from his forehead in the type of the Coca-Cola hunk. It actuality, it was Joe attempting to persuade us all that a shower scene would genuinely increase the filming process. Wonderful try out dear…

diy channel 5

Generally, it was a fun day, and one particular that I will not be forgetting in a hurry.

I’m not sure if I even have the need to watch it every time it airs, and I’m positive I’m not alone on this a single, but I definitely won’t shed any sleep if I miss out on hearing how I actually talk  – it is constantly different to what you think isn’t  it? I really do not know the final air date, as they are still filming all around the country, other homeowners on their very own DIY journey. If you’re 1 of them, get in touch!

It was so funny when we told our immediate family members that we were going to be filmed. My mum vowed to pop in for a brew ‘by accident’ wearing her finest jewelry. My best good friend Holly joked that she would require my autograph for when I turn into wealthy and well-known sufficient to get new friends. And Joe’s parents fled the nation on a pretty holiday to Turkey, fearing that their camera-shy selves could be asked to talk on camera. Very good move!

It is unlikely I’ll be shouting about the present when it goes dwell, but hey, if they airbrush me to high heaven and we’re presented as regular humans, then you never ever know, maybe I’ll keep you posted soon after all.