The Crumbling Shire: 7 Abandoned Wonders Of New Zealand

The Crumbling Shire: 7 Abandoned Wonders of New Zealand

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Abandoned New Zealand Main

Sheep have taken above the Shire, misplaced market developed ghost towns and the major earthquake of 2011 has left considerably of Christchurch cordoned-off and left to decay. Whilst New Zealand may be very best identified for the otherworldly landscapes that made it a organic option as the filming place of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies, it also has a wealthy history that has resulted in a variety of striking abandonments situated on both the North and South Islands, in key cities like Auckland and remote stretches of the coast.

Abandoned Shire Turned Sheep Pasture, Matamata

Abandoned New Zealand Hobbiton 1

Abandoned New Zealand Hobbiton 2

Technically, Hobbiton is only abandoned if you really don’;t contemplate sheep true occupants. But the Shire is not exactly what it when was, or at least, what it looked like in the Lord of the Rings films. 17 of the unique 37 hobbit homes constructed into a hillside in Matamata, New Zealand to serve as the Hobbiton set remain in area, and even though the facades may now be stained and dilapidated, they’re nevertheless a draw for fans of the series. It sort of seems like Sauron won soon after all, and all the hobbits are gone, but as decades passed, the grass began to grow again.

Waipukurau Hospital, Hawke’s Bay

Abandoned New Zealand Waipukurau Hospital 1

Abandoned New Zealand Waipukurau Hospital 2

Abandoned New Zealand Waipukurau Hospital 3

Finished in 1879, the Waipukurau Public Hospital in Hawke’s Bay expanded a lot more and far more as the population in the region grew, housing the injured and unwell and serving as the birthplace for 1000’;s of New Zealanders. It was in operation for in excess of a century, lastly closing its doors in 1999. Of course, it wasn’t lengthy just before it became a popular hangout for vandals and vagrants, and in 2010, a main fire gutted several of the complex’s principal buildings. An Aucklander bought the complete residence sight unseen in 2011, not realizing the extend of the harm, so the long term of the hospital stays unclear. Bradd of Urbex New Zealand took these pictures ahead of and following the fire, and far more can be seen at Haunted Auckland.

Tokomaru Ghost Town

Abandoned New Zealand Tokomaru Ghost Town 1

Abandoned New Zealand Tokomaru Ghost Town 2

This bay town was after a hub of thriving market, property to the Tokomaru Bay Freezing Functions. But when it closed down in 1952, 400 staff and their families have been forced to move elsewhere, and much of the town’s infrastructure has been abandoned ever because. Other elements of the beachside town have been modernized and are still house to about 350 residents, mainly Maori fishermen and craftspeople. Abandoned web sites in the town incorporate the New Zealand Shipping Company developing, the wharf, and the shell of a 1917 sheep meat freezing facility.

White Island Mines

Abandoned New Zealand White Island 1

Abandoned New Zealand White Island 2

New Zealand’s only energetic marine volcano, which last erupted in August 2013, can be discovered about thirty miles off the east coast of the North Island in the Bay of Lots. Whakaari Island, also identified as White Island, was the website of a sulphur mining operation in the early 20th century, but when element of the western rim of the crater collapsed in September 1914 – killing all 10 employees – the web site was abandoned. The rusted gear from those mines can nonetheless be located strewn around the island, which is now employed for scientific research.