Sucking Smog: Electronic Vacuum Cleaner Clears City Skies

Sucking Smog: Electronic Vacuum Cleaner Clears City Skies

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It sounds so preposterous and however is sufficiently plausible that its designer is now talking to the mayor of Beijing about how to develop for urban use in this notoriously congested capital of China.

Daan Roosegaarde developed a program using buried coils of copper to generate an ion electrostatic area that attracts smog particles, effectively magnetizing them and pulling them down. The result is sizable void of clean air over.

clean air beijing smog

Even though it cannot but perform on a city-broad basis, the concept is to commence by clearing hundreds of feet of air in essential public spaces like parks, squares and other paths trafficked by pedestrians.

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They have previously prototyped a device that can suck a square meter of polluted air from a more substantial interior area, properly punching a hole in a simulated cloud of smog and collecting the resulting particles securely below.

clean air city streets

The designer puts the issue and project in context: “We have produced machines to enhance ourselves. We invented the wheel and autos to liberate ourselves and travel. But now these machines are striking back, producing air polluted in large-density cities like Beijing.”

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Their “young style company primarily based in the Netherlands and Shanghai, [which] has been doing work on intricate designs like a sustainable dance floor which generates electricity when you dance, and sensible highways which produce their very own light. Now [Daan Roosegaarde] and his staff of engineers are generating a technology to clean the air of Asian cities.”