Small Property Constructed On The Bed Of A Flatbed Trailer

by Simona Ganea , posted in Architecture, on December 5th, 2013

We’re all heard about men and women living in trailers or in mobile property but have you ever heard of someone creating their property on the bed of a 24-foot extended, 8-foot wide flatbed trailer? Nicely, this architect did. She created this small 196 square foot property from scratch and the made it her dream property. Simply because she desired the residence to be sustainable, it took longer to create it than anticipated, primarily since the procedure of turning recycled pallets into siding was slow.

The architect started this task in December 2011. She constructed the property whenever she had totally free time in among her perform and social activities. She employed sustainable developing components and made no compromises, even even though this induced the development process to take longer then anticipated. As you can see, the property appears like a miniature version of a typical house. It is somewhere in amongst standard and modern day. It has wooden exterior, a small deck and a quite welcoming interior.

As expected, the layout is not the most great option. The residence is prolonged and narrow so there’s not considerably room for huge residing spaces. The small home has every thing it demands but in smaller sized versions. It has a tiny kitchen, a small dining region, a work room, a sleeping area, a bathroom and even a tiny deck and they all fit in there.

Discovered on tinyhouseswoon and photographs by MiniMotives.