Ship Shaped: Undergound Maritime Museum In Dry Dock Void

Ship Shaped: Undergound Maritime Museum in Dry Dock Void

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ship nautical museum void

Using the present vessel-shaped space of a 6-decades-outdated dry dock, the Danish National Maritime Museum in Helsingor, Denmark will take visitors on a special subterranean tour of the places used to create, sustain and fix ships.

ship sea vessel museum

ship museum plans diagrams

Historically, the zone would be drained to carry in or assemble vessels then flooded to send them back out into open waters. Today, thanks to BIG architects (photographs by Rasmus Hjortshøj and Luca Santiago Mora), individuals can comply with a staircase right down and enter the area at the lower levels then cross by way of it via interior sloping skyways.

ship auditorium presentation space

ship lower level spaces

maritime museum bridge entry

Alternatively, a grand entry path commences over by way of the bridge technique that zigs and zags along the length of the museum to a main entry just below ground degree. This route delivers a gentle slope and stellar views of almost everything happening beneath and on all sides. Passers by can also take pleasure in a very good search down when traversing a smaller connecting bridge that simply spans from one side to the other.

ship museum bridge design

ship surrounding area view

ship void site context

The principal museum exhibition, auditorium, classroom, office and cafe locations are arrayed around the outdoor void on the levels below. Their borders are in flip defined by an off-axis rectangle the emphasizes their contrast with the curved ship shape of the center room and connect to other close by attractions, monuments and landmarks.