Sewing Table Re-furb DIY

Some of you will remember the sewing table that we used as element of the ‘Sew in Adore‘ valentines’ shoot, by Marinda May, earlier this 12 months. Soon after the shoot I re-purposed the table with a slight re-vamp into a dressing table for my bedroom.

Picture by: Marinda May Photography

The table was one particular that my mom stumbled across years in the past, that was thrown out and has been in their property for in excess of 15 many years. It had a panel missing on the prime that I closed up with 6mm glass that I had lower to dimension by Bryanston Glass. It is recommended that you in no way use much less than a 4mm glass on table tops. They have been also capable to lower the corners round to completely fit into the space. I then employed some silver vinyl (not so straightforward to do) on the bottom of the glass.

The painting ended up being somewhat harder operate than anticipated. I sanded off the table and painted it with a undercoat. The dilemma was that my sanding was not that thorough and the undercoat that was supposed to be white turned yellow. I had to sand it all off once more and re-applied the undercoat. Afterwards I utilized a white semi-sheen enamel paint to give it 2 much more coats, sanding the coats lightly in in between and afterwards more on the spots that I wanted to look ‘worn’. Note that you require to use a foam roller for the approach and little brush for the difficult to attain spots.

Images by: Lika Photography

Lastly I extra some ‘bling-bling’ with the crystal handles and added a loose frame from Tons & Crates to top it off. The chair is from Boardmans that I received on their 50% off sale earlier in this yr.

What would you use a sewing table for?