Putting The Warmth Back Into Our Renovations

Back in September 2011, Joe and I have been frantically trying to make our property secure and liveable before we could officially move in. We tore down every single bit of rotten wallpaper in there (some of which was held on by Sellotape – I wish I was joking) and began the lengthy approach of re-plastering all the walls – a process which is even now ongoing.

As part of this prep, Joe ripped out an old-fashioned fireplace which had plainly been there since the dawn of time…or just the 40s. Both way, it was previous and making the property appear like it belonged in the incorrect era. It had to go.

You can see it the below image. A single of the initial photographs we took of the property when we moved in.

At that level in time we hadn’t even received central heating in the residence so it genuinely was a stupid move to get rid of it. If I could write a letter to myself in the course of that time, this would be the very first item on my agenda. A  boring but vital bit of tips to Karen circa 2011.

We disconnected the gas, plastered above the gap (but not just before leaving a note for the future in the walls, which you can read through right here) and right here we are 2 and a bit years later, regretting that choice.

You see, now we genuinely want a fireplace!

I suppose hindsight is a cheeky sod is not it? Regardless of it being a huge ugly (sorry that’s not a great word…it has “great personality”) we need to have kept it and just up to date as and when we could afford to. But at the time, Joe with a sledgehammer in hand… nicely, I feel you know how this story turned out.

Now that we’re searching ahead at re-decorating the lounge correctly as the messiest work in the adjoining kitchen is out of the way, a fireplace is high up on our listing of items we’d really like to consist of. Also, we’re awaiting our fuel works to be completed for the oven in the kitchen, so it’s helps make great sense to have the gasoline for the fireplace place back in at the exact same time – in concept, it ought to be any week now.

I’ve been taking pictures of designs I like on my mobile phone for almost a year now, and we’ve even decided what fashion we want (if you know Joe and I, we’re a bit crappy at generating ultimate decisions so this is a huge deal!).

We want conventional, but not wood. Cast iron fire and a neutral coloured frame and mantel, so it will go with any way we decorate. It demands to be huge ample to warm our huge lounge, whilst not also deep so that it takes up half the area. There we go. That wasn’t so hard was it Joey?

one. Enjoy the colour and style of this. Noticed it at the Northern Residence show earlier in the year.
2. The curved cast iron fire on this piece from Burning Inspirations would seem pretty in our lounge.
3. Spotted this on a family day out in September and loved its simplicity.

Apart from the evident factors we’ve missed a fireplace like warmth and that, at times such as Christmas I’ve truly missed obtaining somewhere to put our decorations. Host our fancy Cinnamon candles. Hang a stocking. Put Holly on a mantelpiece.

I watched from behind my laptop screen, as some of my favourite bloggers showed me what their residence had to offer you for Christmas, and I felt complete jelousy above their mantelpieces covered in Winter wonderland decorations. It is truly my favourite time of the 12 months and I’m clearly gutted that because of renovations we haven’t had decorations this Chrimbo.

I like to believe that this time following yr, I’ll be enjoying Christmas next to a roaring fire. One that appears like Christmas has thrown up on it.