Pleased New Year

Oh crumbs lovelies, I’ve been dreadful at this blogging malarkey recently!  We’ve been rushing about the nation striving to squeeze in seeing every person and I’ve been polishing off the last handful of bits of my course in each and every spare minute.  But I am oh so content to announce that it is now done and dusted, and that I’ll be a competent interior designer (bar any unexpected catastrophes…) in the following month or so.

I just re-go through my New 12 months wrap up from last yr and had a chuckle to myself at the characteristically in excess of-enthusiastic and over-positive perspective.  So I have completed only one particular of the 3 massively overambitious targets I set myself, but have accomplished about 80% of the remaining 2 so am nonetheless on track.

As ever a bazillion thank yous for joining me in this small corner of t’interwebs in 2013, and I hope you stay tuned for more blogging in the new yr about designing our room in Singapore and setting up the Biz (as well as the normal ramblings) and much significantly significantly less bitchin’ about how much function my program has been, haha.

We’re hosting a dinner party tonight for some buddies so I want to go get my skates on – there’s foods to cook and decor to magic out of thin air.

Have a great New 12 months’s Eve loves, from my home to yours.xx

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