P Property In South Korea By Hahn Design And Style

Beautiful present day home named P Home located in Jongno-gu, South Korea, developed by well-liked architect Hahn Joh.

Hahn Layout, popular South Korean style studio of Hahn Joh, has designed the P Residence in Jongno-gu, South Korea. Spreading on an area of 5,726 square foot, this is a house of attractiveness and modern day living.

p home by hahn style 09

The exteriors: The residence would seem to be developed as a component of the atmosphere, and hence exterior construction is mostly of wood and marble. With massive wooden panels utilized in the design and style, this is a present day residence with large balconies. There are several tall southeast-Asian trees and plants employed inside the boundaries for a green feel all around. The polished feel of the exterior supplies gives the residence a quite wealthy and class finish.

p property by hahn layout 05

The interiors: Maintaining in line with the exteriors, the interiors of the P Property is also about design and modern elements. The flooring comes in glossy black flooring that complements the wooden function all close to the residence. The open staircase top to the upper level is fully in wood with stainless steel railings. Portions of the ceiling have been developed in yellow for a increase of colors, whilst the upper degree of the home has wooden/timber flooring in a dark finish for a cozy feeling. Massive windows and glass panels across all rooms offer panoramic views of the location with vital lighting and airing.

p house by hahn style 07

Furnishings and Lighting: Not much is offered for the furnishings selections, but huge cozy sofas in the modern sophisticated fashion have been utilised in the living area. The cabinets and other fixed fittings of the residence are mainly in natural wood. The lighting is mostly ceiling and wall mounted with LED bulbs and tubes utilized for most of the rooms for including a lot more attractiveness with the yellow painted walls.

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Photographs by: HAHN Design and style, Jeoseong E

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