Modern Addition In Varaždin, Croatia By DVA Arkhitekta

Lovely Contemporary Addition is a contemporary residence made by DVA Arkhitekta in the historical town of Varaždin in Croatia.

Zagreb-based mostly layout studio DVA Arkhitekta made this gorgeous contemporary home. Flawlessly placed in the historical town of Varaždin in Croatia, what works in favor of the design of this contemporary residence is the use of traditional and classical styles.

The exteriors: The home attributes on a large location and functions a large grass garden inside it. For the exteriors, the designers have worked extensively on the use of traditional brick fashion layout with use of glass for a excellent stability. The huge garage door is created of complete wood and can accommodate far more than one auto at a time.

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The interiors: Modern interiors of the residence are blend of numerous items, which give the home a significantly needed free room. The windows are massive with massive glass panels in use, whilst the doors are non-existent in the residing room. Without employing also numerous colors in the home, the layout studio has kept the walls and ceilings in easy plastered kind with white as the main shade. Accents of colour in the room come from gorgeous wooden flooring and staircase along with the beams in the house in black. Within the premises, one particular can uncover large green plants, which is an attempt to breathe in fresh air for the owners.

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Furnishings and lighting: With lovely LED lights used on the ceiling and as footlights along the staircase, the property glows with beauty by the evening. Rather than using lamps and other supply lighting option, the concentrate in the interiors is to carry essence with soft yellow lighting. The furniture is largely in the contemporary design in black and supple shades with no as well numerous colours in use. The cost-free floor space gives the residence a really grand feeling!

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Photographs by: Robert Leš

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