MegaFaces: Massive Show Allows 3D Selfies At Sochi

MegaFaces: Huge Show Enables 3D Selfies at Sochi

Report by Steph, filed underneath Installation & Sound in the Ar2rk class.

MegaFaces Sochi LED 1

Giant faces measuring 25 feet in height emerge in 3 dimensions from an ‘architectural Mount Rushmore’ at the entrance of Sochi’s Olympic Park. ‘MegaFaces’ is an interactive installation by architect Asif Khan consisting of a fabric pavilion that is manipulated into the form of visitors’ faces by eleven,000 actuators located just underneath the cube’s stretchy membrane.

MegaFaces Sochi LED 3

3 visitors at a time enter a booth found inside the pavilion to have their faces digitally scanned and displayed on a enormous scale for everybody outdoors to marvel at. Each and every face is magnified by 3500%. The impact is that of a giant pinscreen, but it is technically the world’s very first “3 dimensionally actuated large-scale LED screen.”

MegaFaces Sochi LED 2

The eleven,000 actuators that develop the images are tipped with translucent spheres containing RGB-LED lights, so a combination of physical motion and light intensity creates the pinscreen effect. The idea is that any individual can “become a hero,” reflected to the world on a massive scale.

MegaFaces Sochi LED 4

“Whether we are taking a self-portrait and posting it for our pals to see, or texting an emoticon to demonstrate how we feel, we’ve translated a fundamental implies of self-expression into a new medium,” says Khan. “That is why I believe of this pavilion as a synergy amongst architecture and digital platform. At the identical time it’s a monument to all of us. The concept is to make men and women the face of the Olympics.”