Making Our Kitchen Dreams A Actuality In 2013

In February, Joe and I created a determination that in the course of 2013, we would make sure we got started on the large venture that is our kitchen renovation. You can study what I mentioned right here.

Though it does not technically count as a New Year’s resolution (in spite of it currently being a whole lot more innovative than the common “lose weight” and “get healthy”) it actually was our primary goal for the year in terms of the property.

I imagined, with 2013 now behind us, it would be a excellent possibility to see how far we produced that goal a reality. And I’m actually pleased to present you how far we’ve come.

Very first, let’s see what the kitchen looked like in February, when I made that announcement.

Quite sexy, eh?

Following an extension across the back of the property, several delays in building, and living in a home which was most of the time an obstacle course, I feel we’ve accomplished alright.

Beneath, is a sneaky seem into the pc patterns we have been offered to illustrate the layout of our kitchen, and comparing it to how our kitchen seems to be these days.

kitchen progress 01 kitchen progress 02

You can see that it’s nevertheless a bit messy what with our fridge and washing machine banged in the middle of the area, quickly to be integrated and hidden. Also, the flooring and worktops aren’t exactly what we asked for. They are just there for layout functions.

BUT, you might also notice that some of the units are beginning to go into location as they’re currently being unpacked.  It could get a bit of imagination but you can genuinely see the actuality matching up to the layout styles. Joe spent our last day off work more than the Christmas holidays providing the entire space a base coat of white emulsion. And boy, does that make a distinction! Presently it’s starting to really feel cleaner.

I’m actually proud of 2013 and what we’ve carried out. Certain, it is taken a heck of a good deal longer than expected, and I’d be lying if I said there haven’t been days where I just desired to pack up and move. In truth, scrap that, I wouldn’t even need to pack due to the fact our existence is in boxes! Needless to say, it’s been a truly interesting trip which I’m so glad we took the plunge on. And quickly – genuinely quickly – it’s going to be  all done, and all ours.

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