Ludicrously Luscious Lighting

It’s crunch time people, I’m in the final 4 days of my program.  It’s going swimmingly (apart from a disastrously neon ‘duck egg blue’ paint colour, oooh la la) but I have a hella lot to get carried out by Saturday morning when we fly property to England for Crimbles.

So I’ve finished all the lighting docs now and wanted to introduce you to the luscious lady that is the Ochre Seed Cloud set up, if you are but to make her acquaintance.

ochre seed cloud1

I have spent a disproportionate sum of my days oogling the cast bronze buds and glass drops goodness.

ochre seed cloud2

I want to eat them they are so excellent.

ochre seed cloud3 ochre seed cloud4

They do cost a pretty penny but oh my are they lovely.

Ok and here’s a handful of more…[err, Wonderful set towards exposed brick, psychological note]

ochre seed cloud5 ochre seed cloud6


I’m sorry for the lack of festivity on the previous bloggy – considering that we moved to the tropics 4 many years in the past I’ve found it crazy challenging to come to feel even remotely festive until finally my feet are firmly back in the motherland.  So anticipate some overexcited and mince pie-fuelled posts up coming week.

How are we all undertaking?  I’ve been missing you!