LEGO Sizzling Rod: 500,000-Piece Doing Work Replica Runs On Air

LEGO Scorching Rod: 500,000-Piece Working Replica Runs on Air

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LEGO Hot Rod 1

This scorching rod may well not be much quicker than a bicycle, but the reality that it runs at all is extraordinary provided that it’s made of 500,000 Lego bricks and is powered by air. Australian Steve Sammartino sent out a cryptic tweet asking likely investors to fund a mystery undertaking costing $500 – $,1000, and the ‘Super Awesome Micro Project’ was the end result.

LEGO Hot Rod 2 LEGO Hot Rod 3

Other than the Legos, the only components of the auto are a set of tires, gauges and a load-bearing frame. Think it or not, 4 orbital engines with 256 pistons totally produced with Legos propel the automobile with compressed air, getting it up to about 18 miles per hour.

LEGO Hot Rod 4

The car could probably go more rapidly than that, but the creators were afraid of a “Lego explosion.” It was developed in Romania before becoming shipped to Australia for its debut on the street. “It’s a scorching rod design, largely because scorching rods are cool,” they include. See it in action over.