LEGO Architecture Studio: Boldly Monochromatic Block Set

LEGO Architecture Studio: Boldly Monochromatic Block Set

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lego architectural white sketch

A colorless LEGO kit could sound dull at initial blush, but contemplate the spatial rewards of letting type, line and shadow stand apart from the profusion of colours typically linked with their iconic blocks.

lego architecture studio box

LEGO Architecture Studio‘s pigment-free technique is unusual for the business and intentionally so: it is created to produce an experience that is more like pencil or pen sketching in 3 dimensions, a contemplating-via-creating process without the issues of shades and hues.

lego monochromatic block set

lego architecture studio booklet

Even though the all-white block series contains more than 12,000 pieces uniformly absent of shade, it also comes with a colorful 268-webpage guide that exhibits aspiring architects (or just interested kids) what is possible in the planet of developed environments.

lego color companion book

This companion volume characteristics the perform of renowned designers and firms including REX Architecture, Sou Fujimoto, SOM, MAD Architects, Tham & Videgård, and Safdie Architects, covering a variety of theory and practice, ideas and actuality, all from a diverse group of specialists.

lego all white blocks

From FastCo: “At the finish of each and every chapter, the lead architects will all sit about a table with Lego and perform with the pieces! Only then is the reader invited to get portion in a hands-on Lego workshop exploring some of the theories and ideas explored in the chapter, which can variety from workouts exploring symmetry, mass, density, the use of unfavorable room, modules, repetition, and far more.”

lego no color kit

The target audience is also ambiguous – the set could be fun for youngsters, or excellent for youngsters who want to try out their hand at architectural concepts and design and style prior to determining on a university key or career path. In the finish, probably grownups will appreciate it the most, or at least best understand and appreciate the aesthetic understatement … then once more, children often comprehend best that a constrained palette of props leaves much more to the imagination.