Kitchen Update: PVC, Electrics & Ripping Out Ceilings

Following my final submit, and to bring my updates up to pace, in the previous fortnight we’ve had 2 large changes to the kitchen.

Firstly, the ceiling has come down. Yup, just when I considered it couldn’t get any muckier!
ceiling 02

Fortunately however, it’s all for a cause. It required carrying out anyway due to the fact it was a state, but also, the electrics are becoming accomplished! Yayyyyyy! The wiring is in progress which has created walking upstairs exciting as you can see straight by way of the landing floor to the kitchen. I guess that is just a consequence of not obtaining flooring all in excess of your home yet. But progress is progress. It also implies, with the electrics done ready for plugs, lights and the oven anytime the setup is full, the plasterboard has presently been started, which you can see under. Not long now, it’ll be prepared for plastering.

ceiling 01  
ceiling 03

So what else has occurred? Kitchen, meet double glazing.

We had the french doors and back kitchen window place in final month. However, the side window has lengthy been a massive drafty mess, currently being only single pane. The photos beneath ought to give an concept of the ahead of and after, but in a nutshell, the window has gone, and exchanged with a smaller window and kitchen door. PVC child!

door 02 door 03

door 01 door 05

There is even now a little bit of brickwork to be completed about the door, so there is nevertheless a bit of a cold breeze drifting by way of the kitchen, but Quickly it will be completed.

As I’m a bit behind in blogging, as I write there is an completely new plasterboarded ceiling and the electrics are completed. So, I’m hoping that following time I do an update (with photos that hopefully look a lot significantly less beige – significantly, how dull are building web sites to appear at?) I’ll be capable to display you some thing truly unique!

I know these updates look to be merging into 1, but I believe it’s crucial to document them. That is why I began this blog in the initial spot. And what may look like a handful of further bits of MDF here and there to somebody else, is a milestone for Joe and I – specially when you are living in it every single day. It’s been a tough couple of weeks, and I come to feel like I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall (temporarily, mind – no pun meant) in terms of staying good and making the most of our renovating journey. I believe I’m just gutted that we can’t decorate the home for Christmas this 12 months – and I Love Christmas. But you know what, it’s just one year and there will be many more in the future to make up for it. Here’s to the up coming few weeks. A lot more updates coming soon…