Kitchen Update: Oven, Hob & Extractor Fan

It’s me once more! Far more progress on the kitchen this January. I’m not going to beat all around the bush here. I’m just going to allow the photographs do the speaking for a change.

Please say hello to our hob, oven and extractor – the newest additions to our kitchen.
(Oh! & one more sneaky peak at our gorgeous grey units and grey rustic oak worktops.)

kitchen hob kitchen hob 01 kitchen hob 02 kitchen hob 03

Okay okay, so the wall isn’t fully painted however.
Yes, there are nonetheless tiles to be bought and positioned on the walls.
You caught me, the electrics haven’t been signed off however.
And you’re appropriate, there is a shocking sum of dust in there nonetheless (believe it or not, we’re dusting every single single day at the minute – utterly pointless!!)

BUT, these objects are no longer in boxes behind the sofa in the lounge. They are in the real kitchen the place they belong. Entirely fitted into their designated spot in the worktop. I really don’;t know about you, but to me that is fairly unique, and a landmark well worth documenting in my eyes.

The extractor fan is quite simple and we purchased it from Appliances Direct. The hob and oven we purchased with our wedding pot fund from John Lewis. Double oven for me, thank you quite a lot! And all A-rated too, which is great.

Our oven isn’t working but as it wants to be signed off by our electrician ahead of it can be employed, but we’re expecting that any day now. Recognize the 5 burner hob? Oh yes, I’m feeling pretty smug about that proper now. And with no sounding like a bit of a pillock, I believe it’s well deserved soon after the lengthy wait. I feel it is Stunning.

To put into context as to why I’m getting so overly thrilled about something as terribly uninteresting as a hob, when I ought to be getting items like outfits and makeup like a regular 27-year old… Let’s get a appear at the other hob. the one I’ve been employing for 2 and a half many years, which value us close to £40 second hand.

kitchen hob 05  
kitchen hobs 06

kitchen hob 04

It’s mucky, only 2 hobs perform, and the oven requires about an hour longer than it need to, but I’ll lower it some slack because it is totally ancient, and has offered us a way of cooking in a property that did not come with a kitchen.

Saying that, I’ll be satisfied to see the back of it! And WHAT  a big difference it is among our new and outdated system.

Speaking of new and outdated, these picures have been taken on the same day, so you can see from the background just how a lot of a contrast there is in our kitchen at the second. One particular half living in the previous, prepared and waiting for its transformation as quickly as the oven goes. The newer finish, a wonderful little glimpse into our future, which is approaching quick.

What do you think? I’m enthusiastic to get cooking actual food once again. Takeaways, you no longer have a area in my lifestyle. VICTORY!