Kitchen Update: Demolishing Our Decrepit Outdated Sink

It’s been a whilst given that I posted any actual home updates, but I’ve got plenty to catch up on this week, and the kitchen is obtaining significantly shut to hunting like a liveable room once again.

Not all that lengthy in the past, I talked about how thrilled I was to demolish our previous sink. To be sincere, there was nothing majorly wrong with it and as it was the singular functioning item in the kitchen that came with the property, actually I’m super glad it was there. Saying that, it was in no way intended to be with us for lengthy.

Back in October we bought our new kitchen sink and tap (study about that here). They’ve been hiding away in darkness (no really, they have – we do not have any lights in the back bedroom at the minute) for practically 3 months, but now is their time to shine.

So let’s commence by taking a seem at the old sink. The sink that flooded our downstairs. The sink that was our one single kitchen cupboard for over 2 many years. The sink that was half white/half silver, not from fashion, but from expanding foam which by no means came off following our first week in the residence. It’s definitely taken a battering…

old kitchen sink

(Standard apology for some of the awful cameraphone pics. We have a new camera now, so future piccies will be greater)

When I came residence and saw that the cupboard under the sink was empty, I knew it was time for it to go. But a fast journey upstairs to change out of my perform gear, and by the time I’d come downstairs it was presently on the skip!

Quickly after, the remaining tiles and unsteady bricks had been eliminated, leaving another hole in the kitchen wall. But inside of a matter of days, the brick wall was re-carried out, and the wall was plasterboarded.

kitchen sink 02

(Erm, yeah I should have been on strike from washing the pots that week…)

kitchen wall

Sadly it means that we still really don’;t have entry to a washing machine as the water mains have been then linked to the other finish of the kitchen so we could get our swanky new sink in! (Thank you SO much to all of our loved ones that has aided us with laundry!)

But’s it is worth the sacrifice. Will you just Appear at this stunning sink?

kitchen sink 03 kitchen sink 05

kitchen sink 04 kitchen sink 06 kitchen sink 07

A few points to note. First of all, ignore the green tape. It was nonetheless getting set up. Secondly, did you see the sneaky peak of our kitchen worktops and units? I Adore THEM! Thirdly, appear at the view I will have of the garden from the sink. Hopefully, we will not be swamped with developing materials by the summer time, but you get the idea.

For reference in case any person is pondering, the tap is a Franke Eiger model, and the sink is a white composite sink also by Franke, in the Sirius selection.

Yes there is still junk everywhere and I’m looking forward to obtaining some nicer shots of the room when we’ve really decorated, but this right here is a progress report so there are still plenty of ongoing projects.

Do you like?

Following update: the kitchen & hob come out of hiding from the lounge. ARE YOU AS Thrilled AS I AM?