Juxtapositions: Luxury Skyscrapers In Seas Of Blue Shanties

Juxtapositions: Luxury Skyscrapers in Seas of Blue Shanties

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skyscraper next to squatters

In some cities the slums run vertical although the wealthy develop mansions on the precious ground, but in Mumbai, India, large-rise housing is considered premium actual estate whilst the poor cobble with each other shelters under.

scryscraper slum backdrop mumbai

Alicja Dobrucka is the Polish photographer behind this photo series titled Life on a New Large. Numerous of the images had been shot from a sufficiently high elevation to capture tall buildings on the backdrop of the surrounding urban landscape.

skyscraper foreground shelter view

The residential towers stand in stark contrast to the sprawling ad hoc properties beneath, topped with a sort of (regrettably) iconic patchwork of blue tarps.

skyscraper urban luxury tower

Thousands of mid-rise-and-increased structures have been or are getting developed in Mumbai, usually with no regard for any overarching city plan. Some (like the famous 1 above) residence single families on several floors, usually with area for dozens of servants (in this case, reportedly, as several as 200).

skyscraper no urban planning

skyscraper new construction india

skyscraper being built mumbai

Dobrucka also calls consideration to the marketing slogans utilized to promote these structures. These catchy phrases are as seemingly out of touch with a their surroundings as the European-design architectural follies they are connected to: “You do not just invite buddies more than, you invite awe”, ”Ask by yourself, how much envy can you endure? Neither wealth nor influence will deliver them back again”, ”If your tastes match with the President of France, we have just the right house for you”, ”Other residences have functions of ar2rk. Yours is one” and “Rooftop pool. Rooftop Jacuzzi. Rooftop lawn. As for the moon think about it complimentary”