Invisible Cities: Tweets And Photographs As Terrain On A Map

Invisible Cities: Tweets and Photographs as Terrain on a Map

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Invisible Cities Data Visualization 1

What would it search like if you could truly see all of the tweets and Instagram photographs from a Beyonce concert in New York City hovering above the skyline in physical form? A venture called ‘Invisible Cities’ solutions that query with an interactive map that displays geocoded activity from various online services in real time with personal nodes appearing anytime a message or picture is posted.

Invisible Cities Data Visualization 2

Utilizing a Leap Motion controller and a variety of hand gestures, the user navigates a 3-dimensional information landscape, with all of that data virtually at their fingertips. As information is aggregated, the landscape of the city adjustments, with new hills and valleys representing areas the place social ne2rking is the most and least lively.

Invisible Cities Data Visualization 3

Invisible Cities Data Visualization 4

The individual nodes seen on the maps are connected by narrative threads based on themes emerging from the data as it comes streaming in. So, individuals tweets from the Beyonce concert seem a bit like a stream of smoke increasing out of Barclays Center in Brooklyn as customers exclaim, “Jay Z and Beyonce on stage collectively appropriate now OMG!”

Invisible Cities Data Visualization 5

Consider a appear by way of Central Park and you will see Instagram posts of folks working, walking their dogs or getting a picnic. Model one. is now obtainable for the Leap Motion Controller and can be downloaded for free on Airspace. The creators, Christian Marc Schmidt and Liangjie Xia, say “Through an immersive, 3-dimensional data landscape, the piece produces a parallel encounter to the physical environment, a single of intersections, discovery, and memory.”