Introducing Our New Fuzzy Friends

Joe and I are animal lovers.

Alongside the evident ways of producing this home a home – mainly via destruction so far, but 1 day I’ll get around to blogging about real decorating  – I also consider that pets genuinely make property a greater place to be.

When we moved in with each other, in a wonderful minor flat practically 4 years ago, we bought 3 pet rats. I know how that sounds to most men and women, but we’ve always liked to do issues a small in a different way and they have been just the nicest animals – pleasant, minimal maintenance and usually up for a cuddle. Sadly rats don’t have a lengthy lifespan and when they passed away, we felt something was missing.

I’ve been nagging Joe for another pet ever because, but there has often been a explanation not to – the wedding, the renovating…BUT final month was my birthday, and I came house right after perform to this…

ferret hutch

Joe, along with my sister, had bought the Rose Cottage hutch from Pets at Residence, as a go-ahead that we could adopt some ferrets!

Ferrets, like rats, are one of individuals animals that are totally misunderstood. Yes they bite…unless you train them. Yes they smell…unless you preserve them clean. It is all obvious stuff. Because they have a undesirable reputation, ferrets are a single of the most abandoned and mis-treated animals in the United kingdom – which is what produced us adopt some from South Cheshire Ferret Rescue, an incredible shelter for neglected and abused ferrets.

We painted the hutch a pretty green (Cuprinol’s Sage) which will defend it from the factors, and went to select up our newest additions to the family members. Allow me introduce you to Scrabble and Bramble!

Ferret sleep 
ferret treat

They are the 2 significantly less than a year old, with Bramble still a child, and we just adore them. They are so rapidly, I’ve struggled to get any great photos  but I’m positive you’ll see them popping up in the background of some of our renovation adventures.

We’ve had them a month now. I’ve managed to entirely litter train them, and they’re practically there with nipping. Next, I will lead train them so I can get them for walks – that’s appropriate, I want to be a single of individuals odd men and women that walks their ferret!

Adore adore really like them.