Hurteau-Miller Cottage In Québec, Canada By Kariouk Associates

Classy Hurteau-Miller Cottage situated in Québec, Canada all around a natural setting with wood as primary materials, developed and completed by Kariouk Associates.

Hurteau-Miller Cottage is a lovely home for a single loved ones created to cater the needs of the members with excellence. Kariouk Associates, a effectively known design studio primarily based in Ottawa, has made the residence. Despite the fact that the house spreads to 2 ranges, most of the public and personal living area has been included on the ground floor itself. This cottage style residence appears more like a timber clad wonder with porous rooms that offer lots of airing and lighting ensured. For most components of the exteriors, the design and style is straightforward in a wooden finish that performs completely for the surroundings around, which consists of lengthy trees.

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For the interiors, the style is basic but traditional in each sense. The floors are marbled with portions created in wood, although the furniture is mainly in easy lines. The dining and residing area is open adequate for amazing lighting, and the bedroom has views but necessary levels of privacy. Elements of the wall are a lot more like extended glass panels, and the rest of the choices is either in natural stone styles. Walls for the principal hall are colored in green that offers the correct degree of accenting with the residing area furniture that is mainly in white. The kitchen is more in the open style with cabinets and panels created in a fine mix of wood and metal.

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The ceiling of the ground level is done in wood and functions ceiling mounted LED lights and hanging pendant lights as per requirements. An open staircase with wooden measures leads to the upper portion of the residence. Balanced and finished in the most organic way possible, this is a residence in the woods with a variation!

Images by: Photolux Studios, Christophe Lalonde

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