Frankenstein’s Moster Was Brought Back To Lifestyle By The Icehotel

by Simona Ganea , posted in Architecture, on December 13th, 2013

The Icehotel can be identified in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden and, as you can picture, a hotel produced of ice. But that’s not the only fascinating factor about it. The hotelhas a very fascinating suite which was made by Pinpin Studio and which appear like the laboratory in which Frankenstein’s monster was created.

This is a space that impresses in 2 approaches. First of all, it is produced of ice and this is amazing even without having all the other aspects. The other unique factor is the theme selected for the décor. The designers believed it would be interesting to interpret the story in ice and snow. So they created the monster’s bed, pc machinery and giant laboratory beakers and they’re all produced of ice. There’s no monster and no scientist in the area so you can perform 1 of the roles if you want.

The hotel suite is entitled “It’s Alive”. The designers used giant blocks of ice from the tome River to construct the furniture and they employed chainsaws and ice chisels to mold the blocks into the shapes they wished. The surface patterns such as the details on the pc have been created making use of a mill. The room also has etched walls that give the impression of brickwork and it also has a hatch in the ceiling. The total room is animated by LED lighting.