Four Simple Objectives… just before 2014

4 Simple GoalsIn 2010 I shared my 1st 4 simple goals challenge. We did it yet again final year and it was wonderful to see hundreds of you join in the challenge! This yr we’;re inviting you to join the aim-setting-celebration once again. The notion of 4 basic ambitions is, effectively, simple. Its function is to challenge and remind you to create healthful, lifestyle-enriching routines during the busiest time of the year. If you’;re game, here are the “principles”:

one. Choose easy goals that will make your daily life richer and happier on a day-to-day basis. Select issues you may not otherwise get done but are not tough to attain. 

2. Do not pick consequence oriented objectives. Pick exercise oriented goals. For instance, as an alternative of “drop 10 pounds”, choose some thing like “eat fresh fruits and greens each day”. Get what I am saying? Constructive actions alternatively of just the finish end result! 

3. Choose individual targets you believe will really make your daily life richer just by carrying out them! They can be daily, weekly or 1 time experiences. 

4. Pick a reward for each objective as it is completed! It can be a little or large reward—it’;s up to you. 

5. Website about your targets, each a single as you accomplish it and a large post when they are all finished just before the new yr! Be confident to leave us a website link to your website in the remarks section. I will be confident to share my experiences in a adhere to-up publish prior to the new yr.
4 simple goalsThese are my goals for the season. I’;ve noticed the busier I turn into, the more I settle into routines. At times my routines are unhealthy, or just type of dull. But I barely even discover, due to the fact I’;m so consumed with my crazy routine. Each and every of my objectives for this season are intentionally selected to assist me target on the every day and generate top quality memories and hold me from getting stuck in a rut. I’;m generating the over image my desktop background until my targets are total. Prepared, set, go!! 

Happy purpose setting! xo. Elsie 

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson