Finding Out About Indoor Plants

Plant HuntingSettling into our new room has been a ton of entertaining, but we’;re far from settled. I do not know if any of you have ever experienced this, but when I move into a new space I have to decorate right away or I will swiftly build blind spots to the boxes and messes. I just end noticing all the tiny particulars that I meant to finish or correct or work on. In this space, I am actually attempting to hustle and dive into decorating just before I cease noticing all the factors I meant to do. 

So anyway! This previous week has been about plants. I am hunting for tons of plants to fill out room with fresh vibes. It really is amazing how a lot plants add to a room! I really feel like they actually deliver a space to life. 

Plant Hunting Plant Hunting Plant Hunting Plant Hunting Plant Hunting I am a total amateur with plants. My only objective is to keep most of them alive. 

With that said, I’;m not a single to commence dishing advice out about how to choose and care for them. (Hopefully someday I will reach that status. Dream huge, appropriate?) 

With that explained, right here are some awesome indoor plant posts that I am understanding from proper now:

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Right here are a handful of snapshots:

Plants in our new studio Plants in our new studio Adding plants to our new space! Plants in our new studioI’;d adore to hear your tips for maintaining indoor plants! xo. Elsie 

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes