Fairytale-Inspired Trailer Interiors On The Roof Of A Hotel

by Simona Ganea , posted in Hotels & Resorts, on November 27th, 2013

Trailers are not specifically a common of luxury when it comes to interior style and it is understandable. They are just small spaces discovered in parking tons, surrounded by dust and with extremely restricted area within. But the trailers we’re describing are no normal trailers.

Initial of all, they are situated on the rooftop of a hotel and this tends to make them special from the begin. Also, they’ve been decorated by artists so they have stunning and unique interiors.

The theme selected for the trailers is inspired by fairy tales, more exactly by Goldilocks and the 3 bears, Dorothy and numerous other examples. The luxurious trailers have inviting and sophisticated interiors featuring beautiful colours and palettes and meticulously selected accent particulars.

The Dorothy Airstream, for illustration, functions a duck egg-blue interior with white polka dots, some of them with mini-exhibition products inside.

These trailers are definitely distinctive as they’re located in a quite uncommon location, on the rooftop of the Grand Daddy hotel in South Africa.

The Love of Lace trailer is pink and quite feminine. The Pleasantville trailer has a really suggestive identify and a 1950′s inspired interior. It’s decorated with mint green and cherry red accents. The Afro Funk trailer has an earthy color theme that gives you a gorgeous African knowledge, of course, without the wildlife. All the trailers are fascinating and unique and they certainly erase all preconceptions related to their nature.

Pictures courtesy of The Grand Daddy.