Excuses And Seaside Homes

Crikey folks, what a Undesirable Poor Blogger I have been.  I’m sorry for the lengthy absence from this minor corner of t’internet, I have been sprinting all around Singapore for the last 3 weeks setting up the biz.  I know I know, every person in the whole world is super busy, but I’ve virtually been feeling like my brain is on the verge of popping – visas and entity structures and insurance coverage and workplace leases and logos and branding and stationery and websites and trademarks and financial institution accounts all need to have to be regarded as in detail.  And I’ve allow the bloggy slide as a outcome.

So there’s my excuse, now right here’s my way of making it up to you.

Msambweni Seashore House is a boutique hotel on the coast of Kenya, and it is also 1 of the most gorgeously created locations I have ever observed.  Some (extremely lucky) men and women I know have a trip booked to this delectable hotel, and I am oh so extremely envious!

Examine out these pics and tell me your jaw is not on the floor – it’s chocca jam-packed with carved and white-washed wood, floaty canopy beds and romantic candlelight.  YUM.

msambweni beach house1 msambweni beach house2 msambweni beach house3 msambweni beach house4

msambweni beach house5

msambweni beach house6 msambweni beach house7 msambweni beach house8 msambweni beach house9 msambweni beach house10 msambweni beach house11 msambweni beach house12.5 msambweni beach house12 msambweni beach house13 msambweni beach house14 msambweni beach house15 msambweni beach house16


So what say you loves…?  Do you forgive me?!