Evening Graffiti: Shake-Powered LED Spray Paint Can Sleeve

Night Graffiti: Shake-Powered LED Spray Paint Can Sleeve

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led spray can light

The nature of graffiti tends to end result in nocturnal excursions, but painting totally in the dark can be a be issue and sometimes you just require a little bit of light.

led graffiti can sketches

led can sleeve model

LASH is a light attachment for spray cans designed by Subinay Malhotra of New Delhi, India to offer low-level illumination on demand to artists on the street.

led spray can design

The gadget slots onto the can and charges through a motion acquainted to any individual who has sprayed paint, illicitly or otherwise: the shaking action a single has to repeat to hold on painting.

led spray paint functions

The LEDs are intentionally dim and easy to turn each on and off at the push of a button, all so artists can see what they are doing on an as-necessary basis but mix back into the shadows with a basic click.