DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table

DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table Since the DIY side of my brain isn’;t going to actually have an “off” switch, I cannot help but process practically everything I see with the question, “What could I make with that??” For a although final summertime, I could not totally appreciate walks by way of nature with no scanning the forest floor for a very good stump to flip into a side table. I even made my husband pull above on the side of the highway, so I could retrieve a few that I noticed by the street. I was so enthusiastic to lastly get started on my side table ideas when I realized that the stumps weren’;t drying out—they had been rotting out as an alternative. Bummer. Fortunately, there was a great outdated man that minimize down a giant tree on our street a few weeks later, and he was type ample to donate 2 of his cuttings for my task. Yes! I wished to do one thing different with the stump, anything that matched my personalized style, so I determined that this minor man was just crying out for a couple of rows of giant pyramid studs.
DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table Supplies: Wooden stump, white acrylic indoor paint, hand-held sander, chisel, hammer, pyramid upholstry nails, masking tape. 

one. Find by yourself a stump! I let mine dry out for at least 6 months in the garage (I know, it truly is so challenging to wait!) until the outer bark commenced to separate from the trunk. 2. At the prime edge of your stump, wedge a chisel amongst the outer bark and the stump and gently hammer the chisel in a downward movement. The bark must separate from the trunk with out as well much force. Continue the procedure until finally all the bark has been eliminated. 3. Use a sander with a medium grit sandpaper to sand off any remaining bark and smooth the rough edges. Sand the bottom and the best as effectively. Wipe the stump off with a damp cloth. 4. I employed a white paint (1 that includes a primer) in a semi-gloss finish and painted the entire stump. I did 3 coats of paint to make certain the white would be opaque. If you select a paint like this a single, you won’;t need to have to seal the stump initial since this paint also seals the wood for you. Make certain to paint the bottom of your stump as well so all the wood is sealed. 5. Gather your upholstry nails and place a strip of masking tape about the extremely leading of your stump so you have a guidebook of how far from the best to begin your nail row. 6. Utilizing a hammer, nail in your top row of upholstry studs all the way close to the top of the stump (use the masking tape as a guide where the leading of the stud must be). Once your first row is total, repeat with the second and third row of studs (I ended up using practically 150 nails for my 3 rows). I also extra some hefty-duty felt furniture pads to the bottom of the stump so I can slide it with no damaging the floors.
DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table DIY Studded Tree Stump Side Table abeautifulmess.comIt’;s crazy to think that I have been seeking forward to this venture for the final 6 months (since it took that extended to dry out), but I am so glad to lastly have my tiny side table completed. I am also so glad that I discovered out about these studded upholstry nails-I am fired up to believe up a couple more issues I could use these for in the long term as well. xo. Laura

Credits // Writer and Photography: Laura Gummerman