Dial It Down: Noise-Cancelling Device For City Street Sounds

Dial it Down: Noise-Cancelling Gadget for City Street Sounds

Article by Urbanist, filed below Conceptual & Futuristic in the Technology group.

sound control window knob

The background sounds of urban environments can be invigorating when you are out and about, but enervating when you are at house and want to tune them out. Now think about a straightforward gadget you can stick to your window letting you do just that – a volume knob for everyday existence.

sound cancelling window attachment

sound device prototype design

Sono is a exceptional operating prototype, created and tested by industrial designer Rudolf Stefanich that “turns your window into an advanced noise cancelling system that permits you to get rid of and/or handle the sounds that pass through.”

sound cancel city noise

sound cancelling wifi research

sound user interface selection

Cancellation of background noise is just the initial stage, however, with certain-sound filtering and substitute via a consumer-friendly touch interface as sophisticated possibilities.

sound filtering city nature

sound replacement demo example

The gagdet will permit to you dial up or turn down the sounds of car sirens, site visitors horns and other intrusive distractions, but it will also give you the power to decide on a favored ambient audio knowledge alternatively. It properly offers an adjustable soundtrack of your very own choosing.

sound device demo

sound device tech

sound device specs

From its creator: “In our loud and occupied world a moment of silence has become a scarce and nearly luxurious experience. The pebble like gadget you can see here lets you reclaim that silence for your residence. With its concentric broadband antenna rings, it harvests the vitality of electromagnetic noise from Wi-Fi, and related signals and this way also lowers the degree of e-smog pollution in your atmosphere.”