Design Classic (37) – The Wassily Chair

So the caramel leather Wassily chair that I posted up last week produced me want to consider a closer appear at this little Modernist gem.

Designed by (this ‘ere bloke under) Marcel Breuer in 1926, and created from tubular steel and leather, it is an iconic piece from the Bauhaus College and is nevertheless massively in demand today (Knoll flog the genuine puppies, but as ever there are also a lot of repro versions offered).

interior design wassily chair1

I haven’t been able to discover too several examples that fill me with glee, but here are the number of I’ve rounded up – the caramel is my fave.  Obvs.

interior design wassily chair2

Loving it here juxtaposed towards the classic mouldings:

interior design wassily chair3 interior design wassily chair4

And it supplies the best contemporary kick to this eclectic residing space:

interior design wassily chair5

Far more yummy caramel!

interior design wassily chair6

So what do you think of this slinky amount?  Is it your cup of tea…?

Have a satisfied weekend!