Cushion Collecting For Our Guest Bedroom

I’ve been getting a bit of a adore affair with cushions recently.

I consider because we’re nevertheless in ‘renovating mode’  I’ve looked for techniques I can indulge in the fancy-shamancy decorating stage that I’m always searching ahead to. And cushions, I believe, offer you a way into that while not genuinely affecting any main decorating strategies. After all, we even now have a bed and a couch which are not rather considerably the only locations at the moment not disturbed by the building – and you can by no means have as well a lot of cushions piled on people can you?

This is the most recent addition to our property, and for me, it’s a bit of a shocking 1.

Since the dawn of time, there has been a pink ban in our house. I feel it stems from my extreme tomboy days exactly where something remotely girly would be followed by me producing that yucky sicky noise that little women do when you suggest that they may well have a boyfriend or anything. I guess the pink factor followed me into adulthood. But when I noticed this minor amount from Cushions On-line I absolutely transformed my mind.

Cushion01 (6)

It is a genuine feature cushion if I ever did see one particular. It is acquired that gorgeous squishy crunch that you only get in genuinely good quality pillows and I love how it feels indestructible nevertheless like I just want to cuddle up to it and take a nap. I believe the patterns are so cutesy and in the scorching pink add a bit of enjoyable to what is really a bit of a grown-up cushion. We all have some of these naf pillows in the residence, where we’ve bought them on a whim but truly they’re flat as a pancake and just gathering dust. Or in my case, collecting stains of brown as I preserve accidentally sitting on chocolate and then sitting on our cushions. Oops.

For the time getting this lovely new addition is going to sit pride and area on our bed. But, I have a vision for it is future. As soon as we have our guest bedroom prepared to decorate, it’s going to be all neutral. Probably grey walls (my favourite alternative to the overused and overrated Manila), some type of beige/brown carpet (maybe even a wooden floor of some sort if I’m not traumatised by our floorboards) with fresh clean white sheets. And then I’m going to go overboard on colours when it comes to equipment. I’m going to use my indecisiveness for very good, and make the guest bedroom a rainbow room of colour. This small cushion will kickstart that process. Now, if we could only get these walls plastered so we can crack on with my plans!

What do you think? Do you like my pick?

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*This item was gifted by Cushions On the web but the opinions of the item are entirely my own  and 100% sincere. Read through my disclaimer right here.