Charming Madrid Apartment With Backyard Access From The Bedroom

by Simona Ganea , posted in Apartments, on December 28th, 2013

Situated in Madrid, Spain, this apartment was recently renovated and it grew to become significantly brighter and much more harmonious. The renovation was a project by Merry Layout Studio. Despite the fact that the enhancements undoubtedly changed the total ambiance, it is the authentic construction and place of the apartment that make this spot so charming.

The apartment is made up of a spacious living region with a kitchen, an en-suite bedroom and a guest bathroom. It is not a vey spacious spot but it is certainly incredible. My preferred issue about it is the truth that you can phase into the beautiful garden correct from the bedroom. It must so great to wake up in the morning and to be able to enjoy the beauty of the outside not just by looking out the window.

The total interior style of the apartment is basic. White is the principal colour and it was used on the walls. The colour palette is very rich and it includes each neutral shades as well as much more dynamic and vibrant colours.

The lacquered wood floors in mixture with the crisp white walls create a sense of cleanliness and elegance. The décor is quite harmonious during. The apartment is inviting and comfy, the colours and textures are combined superbly and aspects of various variations complement every single other beautifully. Vintage pieces are mixed with classical, industrial and contemporary aspects.identified on nuevo-estilo.