Blushing Girl: I’m Under Your Spell

GingerAle Photography did this lovilee styled shoot for Ophelia Paisley. The shoot is a little portfolio, and the inspiration behind it was the mythological nymphs, daughters of Zeus.

About the shoot by Ophelia Paisley
We were hoping to produce a delicate, soft and sheltered truly feel among the characters. The rich autumn-, probably even surreal colours of the forest was ideal to develop a tenderness in the photos as they huddle with each other. Wood nymphs are known to be caretakers of the forest and they would often uncover refuge in nature. We chose a white gown as properly as a wedding gown as a wardrobe to symbolize the “marriageability” of the nymphs and introduced a subtle playfulness in the poses to hint at their youthfulness whilst even now currently being cautious of the dangers the forest can hide.

‘Nymphs are personifications of the creative and fostering pursuits of nature, most usually recognized with the daily life-offering outflow of springs.’ – Mythical Creatures Guide

Designs:  Simone van Heerden + Anri van Heerden + Christiena Lottering | Photographer: Gingerale Photography | Make-up Artist: Ophelia Paisley