Black White Residence In Maryland, USA By David Jameson Architect

Award winning Black White Residence in Maryland, USA designed by common architect David Jameson with exceptional views of the woods close to.

The Black White Residence is one of the greatest homes for a single household that one particular can come across, thanks to the hard perform of David Jameson- a effectively acknowledged Virginia-based architect. Positioned in the gorgeous Bethesda in Maryland, USA, the house is a lot more of a distinctive theme that displays in name. The monochromatic theme of the property in black and white is visible in the exteriors and interiors. From the exteriors, the house appears a lot more like home in the woods with white walls and black beams mixed with large glass panels and windows. In interiors, the theme remains the exact same with far better views of the surroundings.

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The property has a really inimitable finish that is difficult to overlook. The use of wood in most elements of the residence is evident, but the shade is essentially on the darker side for a black tone. The flooring of the home has been accomplished in black/gray and slate shades that complement the white walls and black beams of the windows and walls completely.

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The bedrooms of the home have wooden floors with a light finish and furnishings in the very same kind of textures. The notion is to make certain the beauty of the black and white layers are retained. Colors are manifested in much more sophisticated choices and in accented kinds with reclining chairs. The sofas in the residing room come in rich supplies in black, matching the gray-slate colour of the floors. The windows open to the green outdoors and every room has incredible views from all corners. The lighting is primarily ceiling mounted with occasional use of lamps. With out any undesired detailing, Black White Residence in Maryland, USA is a perfect setting in minimalism.

Photographs by: Paul Warchol Photography

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